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Shipping and delivery policy

Shipping information about Saudi Arabia

Shipments coming to Saudi Arabia, starting from 1st of June 2020, will be charged a value-added tax of 15%, due to government regulation. 15% VAT will be collected during checkout for customs clearance purposes. Please visit the official government website for more information about the new value-added tax.

General restrictions:

– Only 1 request per month per customer ID/passport, with a weight not exceeding 14.5 kg.

Food / Supplements: The permissible limit is 5 different products, with no more than 3 repetitions of one type.

– Cosmetics/Non-Food/Non-Supplements: The allowed number is 20 products per order.

general information:

Due to the difference in the exchange rate of currencies, orders that almost reach the permissible limit for taxes and customs duties may be imposed on them, where the transfer price from the date of placing the order may differ from the transfer price when the order is cleared from customs.

We kindly ask you to check with Saudi Customs about the conditions for importing products and if there are any other required licenses or declarations.

Customs information:

For information about customs, duties, etc. Please visit the Saudi Customs website: Saudi Customs

General restrictions:

We at Holland & Barrett respect the terms and laws imposed by the Saudi government and do our best to ban any product that does not comply with customs regulations from our site. But we kindly ask you to take into account that these materials cannot be imported into Saudi Arabia: nutmeg, poppy seeds, or any product containing alcohol or pork derivatives.

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