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 Omega-3 DHA 30 Capsules
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Teens Omega-3 DHA for maintenance of normal brain functionWith Vitamins A, C, D and ESuitable for teenagers age 12+Our special formula for teenagers aged 12+ years. Haliborange Teens Omega-3 with vitamins A, C, D and E - orange chewable fruit burst capsule.Becoming a teenager is difficult, much more..
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Brand: Vitabiotics
Developed especially for children aged 4-12 years.Provides nutrient levels carefully optimised to the specific needs of growing children.Wellkid Multi-vitamin Liquid is formulated with iodine which contributes to normal growth in children, plus vitamin D which helps maintain normal growth and develo..
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Suitable for vegetarians & vegansSupports normal energy yielding metabolismContributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigueSublingual supplements are ideal for individuals who are unable to swallow capsules or tablets.Holland & Barrett's liquid B Complex provides an excellent source o..
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Calcium Soft Jells 60 Chewable Jells
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Delicious Strawberry FlavourPlus, our unique blend of 26 Fruits and VegetablesDoes not contain gluten, soya, dairy, yeast, artificial flavours, colours or preservativesNature's Way Alive! Calcium Soft Jells is specially formulated for both adults and children from 3 years. A special formulation..
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Feeling more tired than usual? Follow a vegetarian diet? Pregnant or breastfeeding? Sounds like you could do with a boost of iron and B vits!This Floradix Iron Tablets with added vitamins makes keeping your iron levels up easy.Each tablet contains high-quality iron, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B..
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For normal growth and bone development, and for the maintenance of normal teethEssential source of Calcium and Vitamin Dalso including vitamins C, B6 and B12 which help contribute to a normal immune systemWith a deliciously fruity taste kids will love, Floradix Kindervital has been formula..
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Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 250ml
If you’ve been feeling more tired than usual, follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, or are pregnant / breastfeeding, a boost of liquid iron could be just what you need. This Floradix Liquid Iron and Vitamin Formula provides an easy solution.A quick 10ml sip twice a day fills your body with high-quality..
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Floradix Magnesium Mineral Drink 250ml
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Pleasant tasting magnesium liquid formula with herbal extracts & fruit juice concentratesMagnesium contributes to normal muscle functionMagnesium is already dissolved for faster absorption by the digestive systemFloradix Magnesium liquid is easy to take and helps safeguard magnesium intake. As t..
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HayMax has been part of the UK’s allergy toolkit for over a decade!Can be used on its own or alongside other allergy medicationSuitable from birthHayMax Kids is an organic, drug-free pollen barrier balm made from natural ingredients. HayMax and all its ingredients are certified organic by Soil ..
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Suitable for infants and children from 5 months to 3 years Combining 9 essential vitamins for your child Tasty orange flavour During their first years, children have a very high nutritional need and vitamins play an important role in their growth and development. Nature's Aid Multi-vitamin Drops ..
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Multivitamins 30 Softies
Holland & Barrett Super Strawberry Chewable soft Gummies Multivitamins, contain a range of essential vitamins to help contribute to growing kid's health and bones. These soft, chewable capsules are perfect for children over 3.Providing children with nutritional support can be a hard task if they..
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Suitable for infants and children from 3 months to 5 yearsProvides immune support from vitamin CContains no added sugars, colours, flavourings or preservativesNature's Aid Vitamin C Mini Drops have been designed specifically for breastfed babies, infants and children aged 3 months to 5 years. Vitami..
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