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Holland & Barrett

 Multi Vitamins & Minerals One a Day 120 Tablets
Multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formulaOne a day easy to swallow coated tabletsSuitable for vegetariansWith a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formula, Holland & Barret Radiance Multi Vitamins & Minerals One a Day tablets provide all round nutritional support for adults in a convenient and ec..
S.R 79.00
 Vitamin c and Zinc 20 Tablets 1000 mg
Delicious orange flavour effervescent tabletsContains Vitamin C and ZincImmune supportThese Holland & Barrett Effervescent tablets contain Vitamin C and Zinc, both of which contribute to the normal function of the immune system as well as the protection of cells from oxidative stress.Effervescen..
S.R 45.00
Apple Cider Vinegar Complex 40 Tablets
Apple Cider Vinegar Complex tablets with a high efficiency formulaRapid release soft gel capsules allowing for faster absorption by the bodyQuality Assured; high quality and rigorously testedActive ingredient acetic acidHolland & Barrett Apple Cider Vinegar Complex tablets contains a combination..
S.R 55.00
Bee Propolis 1000mg 100 Capsules
Bees produce the natural food supplement PropolisHumans have used Propolis for centuriesBee Propolis contains resin, waxes & bioflavins and is suitable for VegetariansBees not only produce honey, but also the natural food supplement Propolis. Gathered and metabolised by bees from the sap of leaf..
S.R 120.00
Biotin 100 Tablets 1000ug
Biotin supports the maintenance of normal skin & hair and mucus membranesContributes to normal macro-nutrient metabolismContributes to normal psychological functionSuitable for vegetarians & vegansBiotin is naturally found in pulses, nuts and fish and contributes to several functions in the ..
S.R 49.00
Food supplement suitable for Vegans & VegetariansRapid release capsulesEach rapid release capsule provides 1000mg of black cherry extract.Nutritional Information: Six Capsules Contain: Black Cherry Extract(Prunus subhirtella, fruit) (4:1 extract equivalent to 6..
S.R 90.00
Charcoal 200 Capsules 260mg
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Activated charcoal is a natural absorbent & can be used to treat flatulenceRapid release capsules allow for faster absorption by the bodyQuality Assured; high quality and rigorously testedHolland & Barrett Charcoal Capsules are naturally sourced and treated with oxygen to make this natural s..
S.R 75.00
Cod Liver Oil 120 Capsules 1000mg
Pure cod liver oil capsulesHigh in Omega 3 and Vitamins A & DContributes to normal heart function and immune system functionNot only are Holland & Barrett Cod Liver Oil Capsuleshigh in omega 3 fatty acids, they also provide an excellent source of vitamins A & D. These pure cod liver..
S.R 60.00
Colon Care Plus 240 Capsules
Bestseller Out Of Stock
Contain Psyllium Seed Husks & HerbsRapid release capsulesAlso contain Buckthorn Bark, Gentian Root, Wheat Grass & Golden Seal RootHolland & Barrett Colon Care Plus Capsules are a natural bulk-forming product containing Psyllium Seed Husks to provide gentle support without the addition of..
S.R 99.00
Complete B Vitamin B Complex 100 Caplets
Vitamin B complex with Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 & B12Supports normal energy-yielding metabolism & contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigueHolland & Barrett Complete B Vitamin B Complex provides an excellent source of B vitamins to support normal energy yielding metabolism an..
S.R 35.00
Natural herb food supplementRapid release capsulesCan be taken as capsules or as a teaCommonly used as a flavouring in curries as well as a food supplement, Fenugreek is an aromatic Mediterranean plant. The seeds produced by the plant are used whole or powdered as a spice whilst the leaves can be ea..
S.R 70.00
Garlic Odourless 50 Capsules 3000mg
Supports heart healthHelps maintain healthy cholesterol levelsRapid release odourless capsules for faster absorptionGarlic is a traditional food and a staple component of the Mediterranean diet. Holland & Barrett Odourless Garlic Capsules are standardised to contain 2.1mg of Allicin.At Holl..
S.R 90.00
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