Eye Health & Vision support

Eye Health &Vision support 

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Extra Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil 60 Capsules 1500mg

S.R 65.00

Extra strength rapid release soft gel capsulesContains EPA & DHA which contribute to the normal function of the heartDHA contributes to maintenance of normal brain function & visionOmega 3 Fish Oil 1500mg is a highly concentrated and purified Omega-3 Fish Oil selected from the finest deep sea, cold water fish.Scientifically formulated in an..


Natures Aid Lutein Eye Complex 90 Tablets

S.R 110.00

Food supplement for eye with vitamins A, B2 (Riboflavin) and ZincB2 & Zinc to contribute to the maintenance of normal visionSuitable for vegans and vegetariansNatures Aid Lutein Eye Complex with Bilberry contains Vitamins A, B2 (Riboflavin) and Zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal vision. To be able to see an object, the light ref..

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