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7 outdoor activities to work on your wellbeing

Wellness is a term that we hear a lot these days.

It refers to focusing on your mental and physical state and taking time to care for yourself in any way that you might need to.

It sounds simple enough, but many people are left wondering how they can actually improve their wellbeing.

The great outdoors brings us all kind of benefits which is why outdoor activities are talked about as one of the greatest wellbeing exercises.

It can increase our energy levels, creativity and support our immune system.

Here, we have put together a list of some of the most fun outdoor activities to help improve your wellbeing and give you a lift!

  1. Nature walks

A nature hike is one of the easiest outdoor wellbeing ideas to achieve.

It is suitable for people of any level of fitness and it is a great way to involve children too.1

Try and identify any wildlife, flowers and plants that you see and maybe look at them in a new light.

Even in the middle of a city centre, you can find all sorts of nature if you look hard enough.

This new appreciation for nature is great for the mind, as well as the physical benefits of getting moving.

  1. Gardening

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then it can be a salvation for your wellbeing.

Not only will you benefit from the fresh air and Vitamin D, but you will also gain from being able to nurture something from seed and enjoy seeing the flowers, vegetables or fruits of your labour taking shape.

If you do not have an outdoor space of your own, there are opportunities to volunteer at stately homes and council projects in order to pursue this wonderful hobby. Or why not sign up for an allotment?

  1. Get on your bike

Cycling is a more active outdoor experience, but it is still one of the favourite activities for wellbeing.

Whether you cycle on the road or off the beaten track, it is a great way to clear the mind and get the heart pumping.

You can take the time to appreciate nature and travel further than you would do on foot, opening up new sights and experiences.

  1. Picnics

Not all of your outside activities need to involve exercise!

A picnic is one of the most fun outdoor wellbeing activities for adults and children, and it includes cake!

Pack up all your favourite foods, grab a blanket and head to the park, the seaside or even your own back garden.

It helps to get you all outdoors, lightens the mood and makes at least one mealtime a bit less stressful.

  1. Play a game

Some health and wellbeing activities can sound serious, but there is no reason why you cannot work some fun into it too.

If you are looking to still have a giggle when you get outdoors, then take a board game out there with you.

It is a great way to take your mind off things, build relationships and lift your mood.

  1. Go stargazing

Whether you are a budding astronomer or simply someone who likes a good view, stargazing is a remarkable way to experience some peace.

Wherever you are, simply lie down outside and see what you can see.

There are apps, books and websites to help you understand what you can see, or you can simply lie back and enjoy the sights.

Remember, your eyes will need around 20 minutes to adjust to the light, allowing you to fully see the stars that are there.2

  1. Mindfulness

There are plenty of outdoor activities for wellbeing that can help improve your mind and body.

Mindfulness meditation is something that can be practised both indoors and outdoors and has its root in Buddhism.

It can bring awareness to the present moment and bring peace to the mind.

Do not rely on the sunshine to get out and about. Living in an ever-changing climate means that your health will always be at the mercy of the weather, so get the woollies and the waterproofs out whatever the forecast says, and you can still reap the benefits at any time of year.



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