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3 ways to supercharge your immune system

Since the start of the first lockdown back in March 2020, our lives have changed in so many ways.

But with the end of lockdown in sight here are some quick and easy ways to support our immune systems for a summer of socialising.

We’ll go through three of the best ways to make sure your immune system is at its best.

Whether it’s through supplements, sleep or exercise – we’ve got the tips you need to stay healthy.

Emily Rollason, Holland & Barrett’s Expert Nutritionist comments:

“Due to spending so much time indoors, especially in comparison to what we were used to in a pre-Covid world, we may have missed out on some important nutrients that contribute to the normal functioning of our immune systems.

“Habits some of us may have started to slip into during lockdown such as poor diet choices, can contribute to a weakened immune system.

“While it’s absolutely understandable that we’ve been more tempted to opt for a takeaway, the result of indulging in unhealthy meals too often can lead to a low intake of nutrients that support immune system functioning, such as Vitamin A and C.

“Couple this with a lack of exposure to the sun which can lead to low Vitamin D levels, alongside disturbed sleep and reduced exercise – it’s easy to see how our immune system may have been impacted over the past year.”

With this in mind, Emily has shared three ways to help supercharge your immune system as we finally begin to emerge from lockdown.

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